WordPress 4.5 Coleman Release

Look who just made the scene, Coleman Hawkins.

WordPress 4.5 is named after Coleman Hawkins, also known as the Hawk. He was one of the first musicians to turn the tenor sax into a known jazz instrument.

In the words of Cozy Cole, we  just “can’t wait til the Hawk flies”.

WordPress Coleman speeds up your writing by letting you focus on the quality of your content and by simplifying formatting.

Here are the exciting features you should know about:

  • Inline Linking  create those connections to your other blog posts or an external source within the text block itself. Just cutting out the middleman. Now keep in mind that as of this post, Inline Linking is still buggy (despite being a couple of weeks in release).
  • Formatting shortcuts allow you to easily create lines of code and horizontal break lines. By putting your text between two back ticks you can turn that text into code snippets.
  •  Live responsive previews are very practical and give you an easy way to view your page with different responsive layouts.
  • Custom logos  finally have arrived. You no longer need to hack your theme or add a plugin to do that. You can use your own logo in the WP Login page simply by configuring that in the settings section.

These additions are great and let you focus on the work that matters; writing, publishing, and composing great content.

For more on the changes to WP, you can check them all out on the WordPress 4.5 Release Notes.

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