Travel Blogging on WordPress

Travel Blogs with WordPress Hosting

1. Determine your goals

What’s the goal of your travel blog? Who are you writing this for? The way you would write for your family while away on vacation is much different than you would if you were writing a blog for travelers. Based on who you want to read your blog, decide on how often you’ll write new posts.

Also, this will determine the central idea of your blog. Is it foodie travel? Is it adventure travel? Is it water-based travel? What’s your thing?

2. Choose a Name

When choosing a name keep it simple and memorable. Special characters will also make it difficult to find. Lastly, think how your blog may be seen in 1 year. 2 years. 10 years. Is it a capsule of one specific moment or is this something that will be carried on? A name like “25 in Mexico” can only really be used once.

3. Find Hosting

With your name in hand, find good hosting. You’ll want a service that holds onto the back-end of your blog so you can worry about the content of your blog and marketing yourself. JumboWP has strong security and will focus on your performance at a good rate.

4. Download and set up WordPress

Most hosting services have an easy install button for WordPress. It’s just a matter of installing WordPress and then setting it up from there. Become your own graphic designer: find a good theme, set up colours, and format the site to your liking. Bear in mind that minimal is best to highlight your work.

5. Set Up Social Media

Once you start getting your adventures on the blog you’ll want to share them with everyone. One of the best and cheapest means of marketing your content is through social media. Get the handles that correspond best to your name that you chose. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Even if you aren’t going to use them right away, grab the handle so you can use it when you’re ready.

6. Start Writing

The most daunting of all the steps: writing. Put something on the page and then do it again and again. Share your adventures with the world!

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